Cultivar – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From our outdoor seating at Cafeico, we saw a lot of people lining up at this cafe across the street.  Obviously, I had to check it out!

Everyone was holding this cup of chocolate slushi? I asked what it was and apparently it was açaí, an Amazon super fruit with antioxidant properties.

açaí with granola… the customer behind me was kind enough to tell me to add granola… making this a super healthy snack! This was soooooo good! the cold slush with a berry taste (not too sweet) and the crunchiness of the granola.. perfect!  I ended up having 2 cups!!!  This was also the best açaí I had in Rio… I went açaí crazy after this and stopped at almost all the juice bars for  açaí, por favor… but those were all too artificial-tasting and too sweet. None could match the 2 cups I had at Cultivar 😦

everyone in line also bought some pão de queijo (cheese balls).. pretty good! warm and cheesy!

There wasn’t really much to do in Santa Teresa.. we walked around and found this amazing view of Sugarloaf mountain, Guanabara Bay and the nearby favela.



Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno 124
Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro


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