Iguazu Falls – Argentina / Brazil

From Buenos Aires, we flew to Puerto Iguazú.  We only had 28 hours to see the Iguazu falls from both countries.  We went straight from the airport to the Argentinian side of the falls, left our backpacks at the entrance, and spent the day being in awe of the beauty of one of the world’s New Seven Wonders of the World.

The view from the Argentinian side…  we were so close to the falls that we got all wet!

That afternoon, we took a bus from the falls to the city center, then switched to a cross-border bus which took us to Brazil!  We went to the Cataratas JL Shopping Mall for currency exchange and had dinner at the food court.  It’s like the food court in North America… cause it has Asian Wok!

I’ve never been that excited to see Asian food, let alone mediocre unauthentic Asian fast food.. but since all I’ve been eating is chicken and pizza, this is a wonderful surprise! While my friends were walking around the food court to look at options, I gravitated towards the Asian WOK. I picked fried noodles, sauteed beef and vegetables and fried rice.  This was a ripoff at $8 USD! Even though it tasted pretty bad, I was beyond happy to find Asian food and was extremely satisfied!

The next morning, we went to the Brazilian side of the falls.  The views were breathtaking……. Never have I ever seen such grand waterfalls scenes.  It’s was worth flying there just to see the falls for a day!


Cataratas JL Shopping Mall in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil


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