What I ate at Iquitos, Peru

We arrived at Iquitos the day before going into the Amazon.

Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle earlier in the day and couldn’t walk to dinner.  So I asked my friends to bring back anything that’s edible…..

the burger..extremely dry and salty.. .the meat tasted really weird…. but I like how they put in something like hickory sticks….

the bland, tasteless chicken sandwich…

the sauces for the burger and sandwich…. I was afraid of getting food poisoning so I didn’t add any……

After our Amazon trip, we went back to Iquitos and had time for dinner before catching our flight back to Lima.   We found this rotisserie restaurant that looked pretty clean.. and that was the  first chicken meal of the trip.  It turns out that frango (chicken), either grilled or fried, is a popular food item and what we ate the most in Peru…

this is a set with a 1/4 of a chicken, fries and fried rice!  The fried rice tasted Asian!  This was the first chicken meal….

Peruvian beer…

Our flight from Iquitos to Lima got canceled so we had an extra day in Iquitos.  We found a supermarket that serves really cheap meals…

microwave-cooked spaghetti with chicken….. for only 3.5 USD! it tasted really bland…..

FAIM? oui oui (not because it tastes good, but because I’m just hungry….)

Iquitos, Peru


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