All I ate in Lima, Peru is chicken chicken chicken

I love eating meat but after this trip, I’m on a self-proclaimed no-chicken diet.  Why? it’s because we ate mostly chicken in South America.. and once, we had rotisserie chicken 3 meals in a row!  We were only in Lima for less than 2 days and had chicken twice!

We arrived in Lima at 6pm, dropped our stuff off at the hostel and squeezed in half an hour of sightseeing at the city center before dinner.

Cathedral of Lima at the Plaza de Armas

We wanted to have “local” cuisine and the hostel recommended Norky’s.. there’s 2 outlets near the Plaza de Armas and more around Lima.

I was hoping for a more traditional Peruvian cuisine cause Norky’s reminded me of American food…  Anyways… Norky is this gigantic restaurant with 3 floors and it sorta reminded me of Chucky Cheese’s for some reason….

The hostel recommended that we order antichuchos (grilled skewered meat).  It included fried potato cheese balls, grilled chicken meat and also CHICKEN HEART….which I didn’t eat…

rotisserie chicken with fries and salad… It was ok.. it tasted like all other rotisserie chicken…

Throughout this chicken meal, I went to the bathroom to diarrhea multiple times… which is why I’ve been negatively desensitized to chicken…..

Inca Kola… Peru’s national soft drink.. it tasted like cream soda and was extremely sweet……..

The real reason for this 3 week trip to South America was for an elective exchange.

We visited Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (for a day!) and the Faculty of Dentistry was so warm and welcoming, they treated us to lunch!

It took about a 10 minute walk to another chicken restaurant, Las Canastas.

….I’m definitely not as chirpy has the chicken…

I really like the decor here and is more upscale than Norky’s.

really good lemonade slush

1 whole order of roasted chicken… which came with fries and salad..

and another 1/4 order of chicken..

Because of all this chicken… I am chicken-phobic now….

FAIM? non non…


Jr. De la Unión 416-426.
Telf.: 426-6640
Las Canastas
Av. Eduardo de Habich 159

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