Muyuna Amazon Lodge – Peru

And now… posts about my South America trip!

5 days after my Kyoto/Osaka trip, I went on an AMAZING, ONCE IN A LIFETIME backpacking trip with 3 friends to South America.  In 3 weeks, we managed to visit 5 countries (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil)!!!!    Since I was on a tight budget (I had to pay for this trip myself!) and got gastroenteritis 4 days into the trip, this wasn’t a foodie trip.  It was all about finding the cheapest meals and meals my stomach could actually hold down.  Nevertheless, I still ate some pretty delicious local cuisine.

It took us 30+ hours to fly from Hong Kong to Peru, via Japan and USA and from Lima, we flew to Iquitos… the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon.   There are many Amazon lodges to choose from but we picked Muyuna Lodge because it’s the lodge that’s the furthest into the Amazon.. located 140km from Iquitos, up the Amazon river.  We took a 3 day 2 nights tour and it was all-inclusive.. lodging, 3 meals per day and excursions.

It took 3 hours by speedboat  to get to the lodge…. the air here is the freshest air I’d ever breathe..

individual hut for 2 people…..  so luxurious!

the dining hall..

buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Seriously.. these were the best meals of the trip!

some Portuguese styled chicken with rice (tasted Asian!)… the white stripes are hearts of palm….it’s harvested from the inner core of palm trees.. interesting texture.. the stripes are smooth, crispy but without the crunch..

The yellow roll reminded me of my favourite Cova cake, the mixed fruit dome… but this was actually a tuna roll with sweet potato.

the best breakfast on this trip ! fresh orange juice and made-to-order omelette!

grilled fish skewers!

we went fishing for piranha’s but ended up catching sardines only… another group managed to catch piranha’s and had it grilled for dinner!

breakfast on the Amazon river before swimming with the dolphins…. sandwich, eggs, banana and orange juice….. never thought it would be so luxurious in the Amazon!


Muyuna Amazon Lodge


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