Sushi Endo ゑんどう寿司 – Osaka, Japan

While researching on the best places for sushi in Osaka, I came across Sushi Endo. It’s located at the Osaka Central Wholesale Fish Market (which in a way guarantees the freshness of the fish) and is actually a bit out of the way (compared to Kuromon Ichiba Market 黒門市場 in Namba). We took the train to the closest stop and had to walk 15 minutes from the station to the Market.  At this point, I have already pulled my Achilles tendon and was limping.  Oh the distance I’m willing to go for food!

The entrance of the market… from there, it took a while to find it…

We were completely drenched from the rain by the time we found it! It’s located at the restaurant area on the left of the market.

The history of Endo Sushi goes way back more than a century to 1907!

miso soup with clams….. very strong miso taste (unlike the watery one at Hitoe in Vancouver) and lots of mini clams!

At Endo’s, the way to eat sushi is very traditional. Unlike our usual way of dipping the sushi into the soy sauce, here, you brush a thin layer of soy sauce on top of the sushi’s sashimi.

Endo offers 4 omakase sets (each at 1050 yen for 5 pieces)… I, of course, tried it all!

Set 1:  Anago (sea water eel), uni (sea urchin), tai (sea bream), toro (fatty tuna), hamachi (yellowtail)…. this is the BEST!!!!! Thick slices of fresh sashimi! The uni was so buttery and didn’t have any fishy nor sea-salt taste.  The toro MELTED IN MY MOUTH.  It was THAT GOOD.  Even better than the toro I had 4 months later at Sushi Dai @ Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.   You can see the marbled fat texture of the toro!

Set 2  hamo (sharp-toothed eel)akagai (ark shell), hotate (scallop), toro (fatty tuna), grilled duck????? Never had grilled duck nigri sushi.. but it’s pretty good.

Set 3 Tamago (omelette), ebi (shrimp), awabi (abalone), tekka (tuna roll), tako (octopus)….. The abalone was huge.. but it really tastes better cooked Chinese style.

Set 4 Sake (salmon), ikura (salmon roe), ika (calamari), toro (fatty tuna), sayori (halfbeak).….

more!  Dad only had 2 sets, Mom had 3 sets and and the above ikura and uni.. but I had 4 sets and an extra piece of toro nigri!  I was seriously in a food coma after this.. and this was just my breakfast!

Probably the best sushi experience ever! The toro was out of this world!


Sushi Endo ゑんどう寿司

at Osaka Central Wholesale Fish Market

大阪市福島区野田1-1-8 (1-1-86 Noda Fukushima-ku, Osaka)

AM5:00~PM2:00 (日曜、祝日休み)(Closed on Sundays and Holidays)

Tel: 06-6469-7108


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