Iroha (いろは) – Kyoto, Japan

Another memorable meal was sukiyaki at Iroha. There are 2 Irohas but the one near Shijo-dori is slightly cheaper (by 1000 yen per set!)

IMG_3978We ordered the sukiyaki set (5000 yen per person)…

IMG_3954veggie appetizer

IMG_3959Each set has veggies, tofu, mushrooms and ONE slice of Ohmi beef (Wagyu)…look how marbled it is!

IMG_3963We had our own tatami room and our own hostess who cooked the meal. She made the sauce, which consisted of sugar, soy sauce and mirin. The difference between sukiyaki and shabu-shabu is that sukiyaki is more sweet while shabu-shabu is more savoury.


IMG_3973Prior to eating, a raw egg was broken into a small dish and mixed. This was used as the dipping sauce for the meat and veggies. I prefer the sweeter sukiyaki sauce and this pairs well with the raw egg.  The beef was soooooooo soft, smooth.. I simply can’t describe the melt-in-mouth taste. So good that we had to order another beef side (another 3000+ Yen for 3 slices of beef). So expensive but so well worth the rare foodie experience… it’s not like I’ll have another Wagyu meal in Japan anytime soon!

IMG_3976Japanese strawberries! They truly are sweeter than the others.. and not just because of the powder sugar!

I enjoyed this meal but I was a bit uncomfortable with having the hostess cook the meal and watch me eat…..


Iroha (いろは) 

Ponto-cho Lane near Shijo St.


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