Yakimochi @ Gion – Kyoto, Japan

I’ve passed by this yakimochi (grilled mochi stand) stall on Shijo-dori in Gion (geisha district) a few times and each time, the aroma drew me in!

I couldn’t resist!

The mochi is coated with sugar soy sauce and then grilled!   The mochi is chewy.. and sweet and salty the same time.. sooooo yummy!



on Gion Shijo-dori near Hanami-koji -dori


3 responses to “Yakimochi @ Gion – Kyoto, Japan

  1. Hey there! I’m writing a piece on regional Japanese specialties that are suitable for vegetarians, and I wanted to add a bit about the yakimochi in Kyoto! Unfortunately, I ate mine and forgot to take any photos. (It smelled too good, I couldn’t resist). Would you allow me to use your photo if I credit you and link to your blog? Thanks!

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