Omen – Kyoto, Japan

We haven’t had udon in Japan yet so we decided to try Omen.  Omen is a popular udon restaurant in Kyoto.  They’re famous for their dipping-style udon and they even have a branch in New York!

Each udon can be ordered individually or with an appetizer set.  We tried both sets:

Set A:Warm tofu in soymilk soup…

vinegared turnips topped with smoke salmon and ikura…

deep fried eddoe with spicy miso...

Set B:vinegared mackeral pressed sushi…

broiled bamboo shoot with miso 

the famous udon! The noodles are placed separately so it would not get soggy.  The way to eat is to take the udon and dip it into the dipping soup. You’re supposed to add sesame to the dipping soup.  I didn’t really like this way of eating because the noodles got cooled quite quickly.

vegetables…  I saw the chef put this together meticulously. It actually took effort to make the vegetables stand up!

It was the most haute-udon experience….the udon I normally have is more like a fast-food kind of meal…



various locations in the city but we went to the one near Pontocho:

Nakagyoku Shijyodori Pontoccho Nishi, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8014, Japan


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