Roan Kikunoi 菊乃井 – Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is well-known for kaiseki (traditional multi-course cuisine) so I had to have one Kaiseki meal.  However, a kaiseki dinner is extremely expensive and start at about 15,000 yen per person ($150 + CAD).  BUT! I found a lunch time deal at Roan Kikunoi (菊乃井)!!!

Kikunoi is a trio of Michelin-starred Kaiseki restaurants.  The main branch in Gion has 3 stars; while the Roan branch and Tokyo branch have 2 stars.   Roan is the more contemporary, less formal and more accessible (price-wise) of the 3.  The lunch kaiseki price is extremely reasonable (4,200yen 7,350yen 10,500yen).  We were there just for the  experience and settled for the cheapest set.

IMG_4244We got a seat at the bar and could see the chefs prepare the meal.

I really appreciate the personalized touch!

IMG_4230sake to start…

IMG_4235Kuwai (arrowhead root chips), marinated Buri (amberjack), sweet black beans, Matsukaze (tuna pate with white poppy seeds), salmon and radish roll, marinated tofu in red pickled ume

IMG_4241Sashimi: Tai (red sea bream) and Koshibi (baby tuna)

IMG_4243Yuba (tofu) soup

IMG_4250Syougoin-Daikon (Kyoto-indigenous radish), fried tofu and squid balls

IMG_4251really pretty tempura box

IMG_4253tempura: sweet potato, green onion and mushroom

IMG_4257Kyoto-style hot sushi, Japanese pickles, great burdock soup

IMG_4258bake apple and vanilla ice cream…. the dessert would have been better if it was a Japanese

This is a really delicious meal but from a kaiseki experience standpoint.. this wasn’t as authentic. The food wasn’t presented that artistically and the whole meal was a bit too rushed (finished the whole meal is slightly over an hour).  I guess this is what you get for a fraction of the price.  Still, it was a good meal and experience.

So we were seated next to this Japanese couple and we talked about our travels, the restaurants we’ve tried and my blog.. anyhoo, they called me a “food guru”.  Lol.. so not true but it inflated my ego a tiny tiny bit. haha!


Roan Kikunoi 菊乃井

118 Saito-cho, Shijo-sagaru, Kiyamachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Tel: +81-75-361-5580


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