Phnom Penh – Vancouver

From the last time I went to Phnom Penh, the restaurant became even more famous. It’s one of the highest ranked restaurants in Vancouver.. even my friends, who never go to Chinatown, suggested that we have dinner there.  It’s so popular now that if you go after 5pm, the lineup is more than an hour!

Butter beef (raw thinly sliced beef covered with cilantro, garlic other Vietnamese spices and vinegar)….. AMAZING!!!! It’s named butter beef because the beef is so thinly sliced that it practically melts in your mouth..

Luc Lac beef.… tender beef with some flavorful sauce.. good for mixing with rice

the famed chicken wings…  Even though I’m on a self-proclaimed “no-chicken diet” (ate too much fried chicken in Peru.. and had diarrhea while eating the chicken.. so now I’m chicken-phobic), I still had a wing or two since they were so yummy.. crispy, garlic-y, sweet, salty.. yumm


Phnom Penh
244 East Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 682-5777


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