The Oakwood Canadian Bistro – Vancouver

My friend and I planned to have dinner in Kitsilano and I yelped to see what’s good.. and it turns out the Oakwood is ranked #3!  I pass Oakwood almost daily and didn’t realize it existed!

It’s a gastropub and has the small plates concept…

warm kale salad, cauliflower, sprouts, lemon parmesan dressing, buttermilk onions…. Loved the warm kale.. and the baked cauliflower!  This was so good I tried to make it at home!

tuna raw, blueberry soy albacore, puffed rice, horseradish aioli, sesame snow…this was really good.. heavy Asian influence… the sesame snow is so good.. it’s made by solidifying sesame oil.. yummy but unhealthy!

Salt Spring mussels, lemon, garlic, white wine butter broth, smoke essence…. plump mussels…. loved the sauce

kept dipping the bread into the sauce!

The dinner at Oakwood blew me away and I kept raving to everyone about the food!  Kinda pricey… but worth it!


The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

2741 W 4th Ave  Vancouver, BC V6K 1P9
(604) 558-1965


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