Yolk – Chicago

My BFF went to Chicago last year and when I asked her for food recommendations, she suggested Yolk.  Yolk is voted the #1 for breakfast in Chicago and is known for their big portions.

I love the name and the related yellow motif seen throughout the restaurant.  So bright and happy!

We ordered the combo (eggs, sausage, bacon  and a choice of either pancakes, waffles, french toasts or crepes).

Out of the pancakes, french toast and waffles, the waffles were the better choice cause it was extremely light and fluffy.

We also ordered the “fresh squeezed orange juice”  and strawberry-orange juice.  Since we sat near the kitchen, we saw that the orange juice isn’t “fresh squeezed” and it didn’t taste like it either.

Anyhoo.. the price is great.. $8.49 for the combo!



different locations in Chicago but we went to the one near Navy Pier:

355 E Ohio St

+1 312-822-9655


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