The Publican – Chicago

Before doing any sightseeing of the city, we headed to the Publican for Sunday Brunch.  According to many reviews, The Publican has one of the best brunches in the city.

It’s located in the West Loop, the newest IT area for restaurants…. apparently that area used to be sketchy but now it has been gentrified.

The Publican is recommended by Anthony Bourdain in his TV show, The Layover!

The restaurant set up is pretty interesting.. there’s a long L-shaped communal table spanning the length of the restaurant and private booths off the side (kind of like barn stalls).  We got a booth and had fun taking pictures of the unique seating arrangement!  This restaurant specializes in pork, hence, the painting of a pig on the wall.

Everyone raves about Publican’s version of Bloody Mary.. so we had to try. It was interesting because an order of Bloody Mary is accompanied by 1 of 3 beer choices. This was actually the first time I had a Bloody Mary and it’s a bit too sour and spicy for my liking.  The beer was pretty good that my brother gave up drinking the BM and got another beer.

Burton’s maple syrup-braised publican bacon… This is the best and thickest bacon ever! It simply melted in my mouth!  Kinda reminded me of pork belly. So good that we ordered 3 plates!

a close up of the bacon..look at the alternating fat and meat.. yumm!

rock crab scramble (creme fraiche, chives, avocado & toast)….. nothing special about this.. and there wasn’t enough crab…

“pork & beans” (crispy pork belly, pocha beans, aji amarillo, idiazabal cheese, poached egg & piparras).. dad had this and said it was ok.. nothing spectacular..

duck toast (brioche, bacon, sesame, frisee & parsley)….bro had this and loved it!  It’s pulled duck!

The only memorable item was the bacon.. the rest.. not so..


The Publican

837 W Fulton Market  Chicago, IL 60607, United States
+1 312-733-9555


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