Shoraian 松籟庵 – Kyoto, Japan

Wow! I haven’t blogged in over half a year! The first half of this year has been crazy busy: Chinese New Year trip to Japan/ back to HK for 4 days of school/ 3 weeks backpacking in South America (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil)/ back to HK for a week of school/ Vancouver for Easter/ finished dental school/ post-exam trip to Japan (again!)/job hunting + interviews/ post-exam result-release trip to Malaysia/ more job hunting + interviews

There’s so many food experiences I want to share and it might take a while before I could blog about it all! I’ll start off with my Chinese New Year trip to Kyoto and Osaka in Japan.  The highlight meal of this trip would be the kaiseki lunch at Shoraian in the picturesque Arashiyama.  Shoaraian specializes in tofu and is the #1 rated tofu restaurant according to Tabelog.

IMG_4127the famous bamboo forest….

Shoraian is located in the middle of a mountain. We arrived taking the river route but left taking the forest route and got lost.  My suggestion for future diners is to take the river route both ways!

IMG_4052It was a mini hike to find the restaurant!

IMG_4096loved the wooden interior and tatami mats.. so traditional!

IMG_4061We ordered the more expensive Kaiseki set (@5800 yen) because  this set had more than just tofu…

IMG_4062Tofu with Okinawa salt and plum wine..the tofu tasted very fresh, soft and refreshing..

IMG_4063from L – R: mochi in the shape of a flower/ orange gobo / sesame tofu with wasabi / grilled prawn / potato tower topped with ikura / smoked salmon with cheese / mochi flower….Kaiseki is a lot about presentation and the timing of the dishes.. we were blown away by the esthetics of this dish…you could see how much thought and technique were put into displaying this dish… the sesame tofu reminded me of sesame ice-cream! the grilled prawn tasted so fresh! I was surprised the chef included cheese in this dish, making this slightly fusion cuisine!

IMG_4068pork topped with egg white + pork fat….it’s supposed to represent the painting of a mountain you see on the left…. interesting fact.. the owner of this restaurant painted it.. the pork was soooooo tender and flavourful…

IMG_4071tofu topped with abalone….

IMG_4072tempura: green pepper, bean curd, potato/ paired with green tea salt… the salt actually had green tea taste to it!

IMG_4073baked cheese with sesame mochi and eggplant… Surprisingly, this wasn’t as thick and heavy as I imagined… and the ingredients complemented each other well..

IMG_4089grilled Ohmi beef…this was the best beef I’ve ever had!  Ohmi beef is part of the Wagyu breed of cows.  The beef was marbled with fat and  was so tender.

IMG_4093deep fried tofu… because I ate it a bit later, the tofu has lost its crispy layer.. but the tofu inside was incredibly smooth and soft.

IMG_4084Dancing tofu….as the tofu is heated, it jiggles.. hence.. it dances! The texture was very silky and soft… you can get another refill of this!

IMG_4095Rice with pickles and fried fish toppings

IMG_4109coffee in artisan ceramic cups… love the designs!

IMG_4108tofu ice-cream with cinnamon rice cake….

This was the most memorable meal of the trip.. the environment was tranquil, presentation of the meal was stunning and the food was delicious.  Definitely worth the hike and the price!


Shoraian 松籟庵

Sagakemonoocho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Tel:  075-861-0123


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