Cafe Medina – Vancouver

I’ve been wanting to try Cafe Medina, the sister-cafe of Chambar, but just never had the time too.  This Xmas, I made it a top priority.

My bff and I wanted to go on Boxing Day, but it was closed.  Instead, I went with my parents on Jan 2, got there and it was closed 😦  FINALLY, I managed to have brunch there with my god sister….we got there before it opened at 9am to avoid the hour long lineups!

IMG_8008I loved the interior design…. kinda feels like I’m in New York..

IMG_8007We each got a drink with cool flavours….

IMG_8001Lavender latte and White chocolate pistachio rosewater mocha…… I could actually taste the lavender and rosewater! but not the pistachio…

IMG_8002Fricassé (2 fried eggs, braised short ribs, roasted potatoes, balsamic onions, Watercress, applewood cheddar. Grilled foccacia)…. extremely heavy brunch food (very oily).. and heavy on my wallet too (@ $16)!!!

IMG_8004Fig Orange Marmalade waffle.. haven’t seen this topping before..loved the different textures.. Unfortunately, the waffle wasn’t even warm…

IMG_8005Raspberry Caramel waffle….. another innovative flavour!  The raspberry caramel wasn’t as sweet as expected!

Extremely expensive but really yummy food.  Loved the innovative coffee and waffle flavours.


Cafe Medina

556 Beatty Street  Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3
(604) 879-3114


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