Canton @ Grand Hyatt Shanghai – Shanghai

The very first time I was in Shanghai, my foodie uncle suggested that instead of paying 100+ RMB for admission on the 88th floor observation deck of Jin Mao Tower (the tallest building in Shanghai back in 2004), we could have dim sum at Grand Hyatt on the 55th floor!  So on this trip, it was one of my grandaunt’s first time in Shanghai and we used the same money-saving idea.

We sat in the main dining room and had a great view of Pudong.

I didn’t really want to have dim sum in Shanghai when I could have eaten Shanghainese food and the dim sum were outrageously expensive.. so I came up with a brilliant plan! Have a small meal at Canton and then go have xiaolongbao and shengjianbao at Jia Jia Tang Bao and Xiao Yang later!

couldn’t stop eating the green seeds…

steamed pork dumplings with shrimp roe (siu mai)

steamed chicken feet with garlic and black beans..

BBQ pork buns….

steamed shrimp dumplings (ha gao)….

baked puff with ham, radish, and conpoy...

baked taro buns….

very expensive dimsum.. all just for the view!


Canton @ Grand Hyatt Shanghai

55F, Jin Mao Tower, 88号 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 21 5047 1234 Ext. 8778/8779


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