Wang Bao He Restaurant 王宝和 – Shanghai

In 2010, mom and I were in Shanghai at the start of crab season.  We went to Xin Guang restaurant (新光), a famous restaurant for hairy crab.  We didn’t like it because there’s a minimum charge of 400RMB per person, there were only us and 2 other Japanese tourists, and the 200 RMB crab didn’t have a lot of roe.

This time, we were in Shanghai in the middle of hairy crab season!  I decided to eat at another restaurant famous for hairy crab..Wang Bao He.  It started as a rice wine shop way back in 1744 but it’s now famous for everything related to crab.  The restaurant was all packed when we dined there! Unlike Xin Guang, which caters to expats and tourists, the diners at Wang Bao He were mainly all locals.

baohe chicken in yellow wine... I read that its chicken was famous before it was famous for crabs… it’s ok…

preserved yellow croaker in liquor

hairy crab! For the 5 of us, we ordered 3 males crabs and 2 female crabs, which meant I got 1 male AND 1 female crab!  The male crab had more meat and the crab roe was the harder type (like salty egg yolk) while the female crab was smaller and the crab roe was the runny-egg type.  I would have imagined/liked to have more crab roe.. since I’m eating at the best-of-the-best hairy crab specialty restaurant and paying almost 200 RMB per crab!

tofu with crab roe… very watery and very little crab roe… Jesse does a better job…

braised baby bak choy with crab roe… there is no crab roe!

fried noodles with shrimps and crab roe

not too impressed… I should have listened to my foodie uncle’s suggestion to eat hairy crab at Jesse!


Wang Bao He Restaurant 王宝和

603 Fuzhou Lu, near Zhejiang Zhong Lu 福州路603号, 近浙江中路

+86 21 6322 3673


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