Kei Kee Dessert 佳記甜品 – Hong Kong

One of the main reasons why people trek out to Yuen Long is for food! The wife cake from Hang Heung Bakery and the dessert from Kai Kee are extremely famous.  Thankfully, I have really nice cousins who’ll drive me out to Yuen Long to eat!

Kai Kee is always full, even in the non-peak times!

This is the famous B仔涼粉 (B-boy grass jelly with nata de coco toppings, papaya, peach, lychee, jackfruit, mango, melon and kiwi).  It’s gigantic and can be shared with more than 4 people! The fruits are fresh and sweet and the grass jelly’s chewy.

I’m not a big grass jelly fan so the mango rice roll is my favourite.  It’s not actually rice roll but some sort of coconut jelly.  The mango is thickly cut and is sweet.. which is made even sweeter by the mango pulp!

some other desserts that we ordered… The upper green balls are the mango pancakes and the lower green balls are durian pancakes! Yumm!

Apart from desserts, Kai Kee is also famous for its snacks.

fish balls and rice rolls with peanut and seafood sauce….

the famous chicken wings  雞翼尖… don’t be fooled by its appearance, the wings are extremely spicy! Apart from the grass jelly, this is the other most famous dish.  I don’t eat spicy food but for spice lovers, this is apparently really tasty.. spicy and garlicy.

my 10 yr old niece loves this.. soy-sauce marinated chicken feet.. I don’t eat feet.. it’s like sucking on toes…….


Kei Kee Dessert 佳記甜品

Shop 7, Chi Fu Centre, Yuen Long


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