Hitoe Sushi – Vancouver

As a die-hard Ajisai fan, why would I go anywhere else for sushi in Vancouver?  My friend, who’s also an Ajisai fanatic, started going to Hitoe Sushi and said the food quality is comparable to Ajisai, is also owned by Japanese and it’s a bit cheaper… and they give out POCKY STICKS!!!!!! Another plus is.. it’s way closer to my house than Ajisai.

So this Summer, I began my affair with Hitoe Sushi…. I actually felt really bad for cheating on Ajisai!

sushi and sashimi combo (california roll; tuna, surf clam and salmon sashimi; salmon, tuna and tamago nigri) with salad and miso soup for $11.95!  The sashimi was fresh and it’s thickly sliced!

the miso soup was very watery……and the salad was average….

Roll Combo B: California, BC and Dynamite…The sushi rice at Hitoe was a bit watery, crumbly and warm as compared to Ajisai……Ajisai has better rolls…

uni, ikura and unagi don… fresh tasting uni… the amount of sashimi is about the same as Ajisai but this is a lot cheaper ($16 vs $19)!

chicken teriyaki …. loved how it’s served in a stone bow.. kinda like Korean bimbibap..

udon set with rolls…


I also tried their takeaway because I pass by Hitoe when I drive home… so it’s quite convenient.

their sushi and sashimi lunch set….good deal @ $11 including tax… you can see how thick they slice their sashimi!

They give everyone their own Pocky sticks even for takeout!  I LOVE HITOE!!!

Well.. Hitoe is pretty awesome itself (fresh sashimi that’s thickly sliced, POCKY sticks) and it’s really close to home.. but.. Ajisai is still my favourite.. the quality is a bit better and I just feel at home!


Hitoe Sushi

3347 West 4th Avenue  Vancouver, BC V6R 1N6
(778) 371-4619


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