Parisian Boulangeries & Pâtisseries – Paris, France

This is a combined post on the bread and pastries I tried in Paris.

There’s Paul near out hotel on ChampsÉlysées,  so we got breakfast there!

Takeaway is a lot cheaper so we brought the food back to our hotel…

croissant… very fresh.. flakey and buttery!

pain au chocolat… not enough chocolate!!!

I have yet to come across a local/famous boulangerie so while shopping at the Galeries Lafayette, I went crazy when I saw Eric Kayser in the food market!

Eric Kayser is considered one of the “world’s best bakers” and his artisan bread is considered one of the best in Paris!

My brother tried the smoked salmon sandwich and he said it was just average…

I tried the almond croissant…. flakey, buttery, has lots of almond but not enough custard!

and the pain au chocolat!  flakey, buttery and with lots of chocolate!

Next time, I must/will try his baguettes, which is what he’s most famous for, cause the items I tried this time wasn’t that amazing….

I couldn’t leave Paris without eating pastries, so I went to Publicis Drugstore (which has everything! L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon… Pierre Hermé) to buy pastries from Dalloyau. Dalloyau dates back to 1682 and the Versailles Court and is one of the most famous pâtisseries in Paris.  It’s famous for their Opera cake (which they invented); however, I tried their Millefeuille and some chocolate-caramel dome.



various locations but I went to the one on Champs Elysées

Boulangerie Eric Kayser

various locations but I went to the one at Galeries Lafayette


various locations but I went to the one at Publicis Drugstore


2 responses to “Parisian Boulangeries & Pâtisseries – Paris, France

  1. surtout pour Kayser les tartes, toutes les tartes sont juste vraiment exquises et juste à découvrir aussi pour votre prochain séjour à Paris…Ladurée, phénoménal et slendid, la Pâtisserie des Rêves(Philippe conticini) époustouflant….. et pour la gastronomie Brasserie Cyril Lignac “Le Chardenoux”, “Le Rocher de Cancale”, la brasserie “La Coupole”… pour les brunchs “Rose Bakery” et “Blend” pour les meilleurs hamburgers du monde… pour les achats gastronomique La Grande Epicerie…. tous des lieux cultes à Paris….

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