Chez Janou – Paris, France

We ate at Chez Janou for our last dinner in Paris/end of our epic European adventure and it was a great grand finale!

Chez Janou is located in Le Marais district, home of boutiques that gives the very definition of Parisian chic and art galleries.

Chez Janou is one of those “neighbourhood gems” type of restaurant… famous with the locals.. and it also has a pastis bar.  Thank goodness we made a reservation because there were a lot of people without reservations being turned away.

Loved the quirky interior and lively atmsophere!  The restaurant doesn’t have an English menu but phew.. my brother and I both remembered our high school French!

moules gratinées à la provençale….a lot smaller than the moules in Brussels but still tasty!

soupe de poisson….this fish soup was so rich and flavourful.. it even tasted like there’s lobster added into it…  The yellow sauce is a saffron-garlic-olive-oil-mayo and it’s out of this world! I kept on spreading this mayo onto the bread, I probably ate half the bread basket! We loved this so much that we ordered another fish soup.

gambas flambées au Pastis avec riz…. my bro and dad are major grilled shrimp fans.. so they had to order this.

tagliatelles avec escargots…. tasted very fresh and garlic-y.. and there were a lot of escargots!

risotto d’épeautre et ses Saint-Jacques….risottos with scallop.. risotto was extremely creamy and the scallops tasted so fresh and tender!

mousse au chocolat… the famed chocolate mousse that is served in a mixing-bowl.. it is that gigantic! That is not a spoon but a large scoop! We were told to spoon as much out as we can eat.. and for the price of 1 dessert, the 4 of us shared!  I think their policy is 1 plate = 1 portion, but they can give you additional spoons.

This was all we scooped out from the huge bowl… but it was more than enough! The mousse was extremely rich and thick, but surprising, not that sweet! Come to think of it, the kitchen probably adds more mousse to the mixing bowl when the next customers order……

Before dining here, I’ve read some not-so-good reviews about Chez Janou’s rude barman and service and was kind of worried.. but we found the service to be really good.  We had a reservation and was seated almost right away.  The barman was actually nice to us.. probably because my brother wore a Paris-St. Germain football jersey and they kinda bonded because of that. Also, we used our conversational French and I guess the staff appreciated our effort and was really nice to us. The tourists on the next table didn’t speak French and weren’t as lucky….

I would definitely come back next time for authentic French food and atmosphere!


Chez Janou

2 Rue Roger Verlomme  75003 Paris, France
01 42 72 28 41


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