Ladurée – Paris, France

Ladurée is the epitome of French sweets and has been around since 1862.  It’s one of the most famous makers of macarons!!!

We went to the original store at Rue Royale…the store’s kinda pretentious.. no photos of the sweets nor the display were allowed…

We bought some macarons and pastry to try…

The famous green Ladurée bag!

loved the presentation!

my dad’s not a big fan of macaron so he got a chocolate cake instead (the Plaisir sucré)…. he said it was one of the best he’s ever had! extremely rich and smooth.. with a crisp pastry bottom…. but this was kind of expensive.. at 7 euros!

We got 5 macarons to try (rose, chocolate, caramel with salted butter, pistachio). The macarons were crisp, light and didn’t taste artificial.. but I would have preferred more inventive flavours (like Pierre Hermé)… and they charged extra for a box (Pierre didn’t!)

The Champs-Elysées outlet was under renovation so they had a temporary pop up store on the sidewalk.  We were in Paris during the few days when it was the hottest in 90 years (39 degrees Celsius) and the pop-up store had to close since the macarons and pastries would have melted in the heat!  On our last morning, it was back in business so we got some breakfast.

more pretty boxes…

Mont-blanc….. so pretty!  loved the chestnut “spaghetti” and the meringue base..

150 anniversary July special: Butteryfly.…. Previously, I had a really not-so-good one at Paul Lafayete so I was kind of iffy when I chose this.. but this turned out to be SO SO SO GOOD!  The macaron was crispy and the strawberries were fresh.. love this!

both my dad and brother got the Plaisir sucré again.. it’s that good!

Ladurée is opening a shop in Hong Kong.. so excited!!!!



16 Rue Royale, Paris
01 42 60 21 79

75 Champs-Elysées, Paris
01 40 75 08 75



2 responses to “Ladurée – Paris, France

  1. Went there last spring and I actually thought the macarons from the local bakeries tasted better. Dunno, the ones I tried didn’t have that much flavour.. but I liked the decoration of the store, so cute!

  2. i really love macarons and laduree
    compliments for your post, visit me in my blog i post an article about it

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