Les Cocottes – Paris, France

Les Cocottes is another Chef Constant restaurant and this one specializes in casseroles cooked in a special casserole pot known as Staub.

Anthony Bourdain also ate here!

@ 09:12

Like Café Constant, Les Cocottes doesn’t take reservation…. so we went before 7 and were the first in line!

It’s a different type of casual than Café Constant.. this is more modern.. and you eat on bar tables instead..

Orangina! my favourite French drink from when I was a kid….

flaked tuna with aubergine caviar and tomato jelly….

My brother ordered this.. and he forgot what it was…

foie gras and pigeon wrapped in filo pastry on risotto...

peppered sirloin stick..

sea bass with clams

Serving the food in the Staub casserole dish is really just a gimmick….The food was pretty good.. but not overly spectacular…Café Constant has better food and service..


Les Cocottes

135 Rue Saint-Dominique  75007 Paris, France



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