Chez André – Paris, France

I’ll tell you a little secret… the last time we were in France, we spent 2 weeks in Paris, Provence and Côte d’Azure and never had a French meal! Not kidding! So this time, I made sure that we  had French cuisine for every meal.

We checked into the hotel and the concierge recommended Chez André, a French bistro, which was near the hotel and was opened on a national holiday.

Chez André has been around since 1936 and many stars have eaten there before, as there’re many autographed pictures of celebrities from different decades hanging on the walls.

Loved the classic bistro atmosphere.. the red seats and jammed packed tables!

We ordered..

escargots… for some reason, I still think Jimmy’s Kitchen have the best escargots.. this wasn’t garlic-y enough

scallops and sea bream marinated in lime…. This portion is quite big..

Wednesday special: whole sea bass stuffed with crushed tomatoes and provençal vegetables… Unlike the sea bass entreés we have in North America, this dish came with a WHOLE sea bass and then they debone it for you… The sea bass was kind of bland so by pairing it with the provençal vegetables, it became a lot tastier….

Chez André traditional gourmet hamburger

Pretty good food… slightly expensive at 80 Euros for lunch.. but then again, it’s in the Champs Élysées!


Chez André

12 Rue Marbeuf  75008 Paris, France
01 47 20 59 57


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