Le Funambule Waffles – Brussels, Belgium

From Amsterdam, we took a 3 hr train down to Brussels and after checking in, I was on my hunt for Belgian waffles!!!

Right next to the famed Manneken Pis (aka. the peeing statue) is Le Funambule Waffles.

There are many waffles stands on the streets of Brussels, but the most famous one is Le Funambule Waffles.


Different types of waffles displayed.. they all look sooo good!

Most of the waffles in Belgium is of the Liège type..richer, denser and sweeter (with caramelized sugar on the outside) than the Brussels type…

We ordered:

waffle with hazelnut sauce…

waffle with white chocolate sauce…

waffle with whipped cream and chocolate sauce…

Delicious! The waffles were freshly made, crispy but a bit too sweet. It was really difficult to eat the waffle with just a tiny fork.. while standing in the streets under the hot summer weather….


Le Funambule Waffles

Rue de l’étuve 42
1000 Bruxelles

One response to “Le Funambule Waffles – Brussels, Belgium

  1. I’ll be there next week, can’t wait!! 🙂

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