Van Kerkwijk – Amsterdam, Netherlands

We had the best meal in Amsterdam at Van Kerkwijk.

It’s located on a semi-sketchy side street/alley near the Dam Square but it’s highly recommended by netizens and guidebooks….

What’s unique about this restaurant is that there’s no menu and no prices listed! The waitress came over to tell us what’s on the menu and described each item in extreme detail. We had to ask her to repeat the entire menu twice cause we couldn’t remember the choices but she was so patient!

For appetizers, we chose the sampler (chorizo, olives, fish pâté, meat pâté, blue & goat cheese).  Because we mentioned that we don’t eat cheese, she substituted it with mussels instead.  So nice!

mussels with green onions… this was sooooo delicious! The mussels were fresh and the green onions heightened the fresh taste.

We shared 3 mains:


Indonesian chicken in coconut sauce..


each main came with salad and fries.. I was so full I couldn’t try their famed pear tart 😦

We guessed this meal to be around 100 Euros since everything was so delicious and we ordered steak and seafood….but it turned out to be around 80 Euros!  Van Kerkwijk is truly a great find… good food and great personal service!


Van Kerkwijk 

Nes 41  1012 KC Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 6203316


One response to “Van Kerkwijk – Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. I love, love love this little place, and I have had the pear tart (more like a dense cake) with a dollop of sour cream and it is one of the best desserts I have ever had…if only I could get the recipe (or even something similar) to recreate here in North Carolina!!

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