De Kas – Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the foodie highlights of this trip was dinner at De Kas. It’s located outside of Amsterdam’s city centre so it’s like a little side trip itself!

Situated in a former Amsterdam City Nursery, De Kas is famous for its simplistic yet haute cuisine, using locally grown vegetables, herbs and edible flowers and locally sourced meat and seafood….

The main dining room is soooooooo beautifully designed… floor to ceiling glass windows and roof… it makes the entire dining experience very in-tuned with nature…

olives and caramelized cherry tomato….. the largest olive I’ve ever eaten! Usually I don’t like the bitter taste of olives, but this olive was sweet! The tomato was so plump and juicy.. and because it’s caramelized, it’s even sweeter!

The dinner is a set menu, so we all had the same courses…

cold watermelon soup with grilled langoustine, red chard, salter oogmeloen (cress salad)… Interesting combination!!!! cool and refreshing soup paired the super intense flavour of the langoustine (aka. Norway lobster)….

tatare of mackerel with aubergine caviar (anchovies), cabbage, dried olives and red pointed pepper sabayon….tasted very fresh!

salad of cucumber, raw cucumber, beans, beet root, mint with yogurt…. 1st.. this salad is the prettiest salad ever! It has edible flowers!!! and 2nd.. all the vegetables tasted so fresh and sweet!

charcoal roasted guinea fowl, ravioli with guinea fowl, pistachio and iberico ham….  my brother freaked out when I told him this was guinea fowl…. but it didn’t taste gamey.. it tasted a lot like chicken.  It was perfectly grilled and not too tough.  I didn’t like the ravioli because the pasta skin was too thick.

caramelized tomato with celery chips, vanilla creme fraiche, Bloody Mary sorbet with tomato vodka and marinated red fruit….. I don’t like fruity desserts but this was really good! The fruits were really sour but the sweetness of the sorbet mixed with the vanilla balanced it out…

By night.. the atmosphere was a bit different…

This is the greenhouse where some of the vegetables are grown…

All and all… I loved this concept of organic + locally sourced food and the food all tasted very fresh.  I also loved the dining environment and atmosphere.  But with the 50 Euro price tag… the menu (and especially the main course) could be a bit more spectacular…..


De Kas

Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3  1097 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 462 4562


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