Pancakes! Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands

After visiting Anne Frank’s House in the morning, we decided to have brunch at Pancakes! , which was just a few blocks away.

I haven’t tried De Dutch Pancake House in North America so this will be my first Dutch pancake experience.  Pancakes! is considered by many foodies as THE place for authentic Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam…. hence the extremely long line-up…..

mint tea… I saw many people drinking this in Amsterdam.. this is my first time seeing actual mint leaves in the tea! Very minty! but it’s more like mint water…


chocolate pancake…..

paprika, mushroom, bacon and cheese.

smoked salmon, creme fraiche, guacamole, pine nuts…..

day special: zucchini, ham, creme fraiche and pine nuts…..

Compared to the buttermilk pancakes, the Dutch pancakes are a lot thinner.. kind of like crepes and the savory pancakes reminded me of the Chinese pancakes.  The pancakes were pretty delicious but nothing spectacular…..

O! There’s a free mini Dutch clog key chain that comes along with the bill!


Pancakes! Amsterdam 

Berenstraat 38  1016 GH Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 528 9797


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