Stoop & Stoop Eetcafe – Amsterdam, Netherlands

After lunch at Gartine, we walked to Museum Quarter to visit the Van Gogh Museum.  We were getting pretty tired and hungry, so I consulted my trusty guidebook for a good dinner recommendation nearby.

I chose Stoop & Stoop, famous for its hearty comfort food.  An Eetcafe is Amsterdam’s version of a Parisian bistro.

Dutch pea soup with sausage…… 

spare ribswe ordered both the Louisiana and sweet versions…

2 Fried soles with sauce remoulade…. This is a traditional Dutch dish but it tasted like the pan-fried fish my mom makes!

We ordered 3 mains for the 4 of us but the portions were so huge that we didn’t even finish the fries.

Heineken beer …. it’s from Amsterdam!


Stoop & Stoop Eetcafe

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 82  1017 NM Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 620 0982


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