Vleminckx French Fries – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our first food stop in Amsterdam was supposed to be lunch at Gartine but along the way, I saw a long line for fries.  It turned out to be Vleminckx French Fries, an item on my to-eat-list in Amsterdam! I didn’t actually think I’d find it because the only info I had was that it was on some alley.

It’s very famous for their fries and the different available sauces.

We ordered fries with mayo and peanut sauce.  It’s nicknamed the warrior for the version of mayo/peanut sauce/raw onions but I don’t like raw onions, so we stuck with sauce only.  This was really good! Crispy fries.. extremely fresh.. I could see the staff preparing it from potatoes. I think that ketchup with fries is so passé…. sesame mayo is the way to go!

2 days later, we went back again but this time, we had barbecue sauce and mayo which wasn’t as good as peanut mayo…


Vleminckx French Fries

Voetboogstraat 33, Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20 624 6075


3 responses to “Vleminckx French Fries – Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. You sure it was sesame and not peanut? It looks like peanut sauce ;p
    But actually I think the fries being sold there are not as good as they used to be 😦 I think they changed staff a while ago..
    But good to know you liked it!

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