Lagkagehuset – Copenhagen, Denmark

Our last port of call before disembarking in Amsterdam is Copenhagen, Denmark.


After a walking tour of the city, I was on the hunt for the city’s best danish!  Actually, the Danes don’t call danish “danish” but  wienerbrød (Vienna bread).  A long time ago, due to a strike, Danish bakers had to hire Austrian bakers.. hence the name…

Lagkagehuset is considered one of the best bakeries in Copenhagen, has several branches and is so popular that there’s a constant lineup. There are bar tables for you to sit and enjoy the baked delights.

direktør snegl (chocolate-glazed cinnamon roll)…. extremely flaky, cinnamon-y and chocolately!

chocolate croissant-like bread

snegl (classic sprial wienerbrød with cinnamon and sugar)… different from a cinnamon bun because this was flaky and much softer!  This had the perfect amount of cinnamon in each bite.

wienerbrød with custard filling and icing…. oh so delicious!

butter and chocolate chip cookies.. one of my favourite food in the world is Danish cookies.. I can finish the blue tin can of Royal Dansk cookies in a few days! So how can I come to Denmark and not eat cookies??!  This was was very buttery and sinful….. but a bit too sweet…



Frederiksberggade 21
DK – 1459 København K
T: +45 72 484 777


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