Blå Porten – Stockholm, Sweden

After visiting the Vasa Museum to see the ship which sunk on her maiden voyage….

we had lunch/afternoon tea at Blå Porten…

Blå Porten has a quaint and picturesque courtyard and it’s perfect for a summer day!

This cafe is self-serve.. so we picked a few pastries from an assortment laid out on long wooden tables.


blueberry pie….

chocolate and fudge pastries...

Blå Porten is the perfect place to eat and relax after a few hours at the museum!


Blå Porten

Djurgårdsvägen 64  115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
08-663 87 59


5 responses to “Blå Porten – Stockholm, Sweden

  1. OUIII. J’ai faim!!:)
    Merci pour ce post!
    I would love to visit Stockholm one day, so thanks for giving me a good taste of it!
    Thanks again!

  2. I have so many wonderful memories from this restaurant. It’s all about the courtyard. An casual lunch with a beer or, my favorite, pear cider…

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