Bakfickan @ The Royal Opera House – Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Swedish Opera isn’t just the national stage for opera and ballet but also the home of 2 restaurants, the expensive Operakällaren and the less-expensive Bakfickan.

Bakfikan is famous for its traditional Swedish dishes and is extremely popular with the tourists!

Lightly salted salmon with dill creamed potatoes…..

Saturday special…Swedish sausage, duck tongue and potato

 Diced tenderloin of beef, diced potatoes, fried onions and egg yolk… brother said this was the best dish he had in Sweden!

I had the Swedish meatballs with potato purée served with lingonberry preserve and pickled gherkin but I ate it before taking a photo :(. I’ve never tried Swedish meatballs before (not even the ones from Ikea!) but it tasted like regular meatballs except it’s a lot larger!


Bakfickan @ The Royal Opera House

Jakobs torg 12  111 52 Stockholm, Sweden


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