Mitho Restaurant – Kathmandu, Nepal

My friend suggested that I try Mitho Restaurant cause he said the food’s good and the restaurant’s quite clean. We were in Thamel our last day and decided to lunch at Mitho.

It was so hard to find because there’s no address (there are no street addresses in Kathmandu)! On the website, it says it’s next to Everest Steakhouse and thank goodness, Everest is located on the map!

Vegetable momo…  the skin was reasonably thin and the filling was a bit too spicy! 10 momos for around $1.20… such a good deal!

Chicken Sekuwa.. this was too spicy for me but my family loved it and ordered 2 more dishes!

Aalu Jeera.. this wasn’t spicy at all! tasted so good we ordered 3 of this!

Butter Nann….There were originally 4 pieces! A bit too thick but this is one of the 2 non-spicy items I could eat!


Mitho Restaurant

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