Cosmo de Cafe Restaurant – Kathmandu, Nepal

After lunching at the same restaurant in Patan for 2 days in a row, we decided to try something new… Cosmo de Cafe.

The restaurant has a view of Kathmandu’s Durbar Square…

We decided to try the traditional Nepali meals instead of the Nepali snacks….

Nepali set with chicken, lentil soup, curry curd and veggies… This is the 2nd Nepali set that I tried and it’s safe to say I’m not a big fan…. the only things I can eat are the veggies and the lentil soup (and it tastes pretty bland)…

the fam really like the chicken from the Nepali set, so we ordered another chicken…

Newari set with choyela(buffalo), bhatmash (pan-fried lentil cake), veggies with beaten rice..  Beaten rice is dehusked rice that is flattened into flat light dry flakes. It was my first time trying beaten rice and I loved the crispy texture.

We really liked the lentil cake so we ordered another one…

another lentil cake but this one was fried with egg..

and a pan-fried buffalo cake with egg…… I liked the lentil version more because the buffalo version was a tad to heavy…


Cosmo de Cafe Restaurant

Durbar Square, Pyaphal Ktm, 3rd floor


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