The Bakery Cafe – Kathmandu, Nepal

We made a quick trip to Kathmandu, Nepal to meet up with a doctor we were fundraising for.  Dr.Yeshe Lodoe Lama is the co-founder and head of Citta Hospital, which is located in Humla (one of the most remote and poorest parts of Nepal).

We met up with Dr. Lama and his wife at The Bakery Cafe, a Nepalese fast food chain.

We ordered the Nepalese set (lentil soup, curry chicken, veggies, spicy veggies, potatoes, curd).  Even though I requested the set to be non-spicy, this was still extremely spicy!!!  The Nepali set reminds me of Korean food with many small dishes!

The Bakery Cafe is famous for their momos (dumplings).. drat.. should have tried that!


The Bakery Cafe

various locations throughout the city, but we went to the Boudha outlet


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