South Beauty 881 俏江南881会所 – Shanghai

After a disastrous meal at South Beauty STEAM, we weren’t going to eat at South Beauty again. However, a family friend persuaded us to give the South Beauty flagship a try and helped us reserve a private room and pre-order the dishes.

The flagship restaurant is in a colonial-styles house right by the Yan’an elevated highway and across from the Russian-style Shanghai exhibition centre.

We had our own dining room and the 3 of us sat in a table for 10!  Everyone chooses their own tea and you pick your tea from a long scroll of different tea names!

South Beauty serves mainly Szechuan dishes, so the dishes picked were non-spicy or just slightly spicy.

Thinly sliced pork and shredded carrots with home made sauce…. the pork by itself was tasteless.. so you need to add the spicy sauce… It’s like the Peking duck wrap except for this, you use the pork to wrap the veggies..

Indian lettuce mixed with peanut butter and sesame paste… very refreshing!

fish lips soup… the soup wasn’t served hot 😦

home made crispy chicken…. crispy skin and tender chicken meat….


Deep-fried Mandarin Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce…. this was so good! The fish bone was removed and the meat was everted.. so I had spoonfuls of fish meat! The sauce was the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

And for the South Beauty special dish… fried sliced beef with stones in hot oil…the beef is fried beside your table…

and tada!

apparently, it’s a Mongolian specialty.. and it’s quite spicy…

The dishes we ate were pretty interesting and delicious.  Thanks to our family friend, we didn’t have a minimum charge for the private room and got a 10% discount! Despite the discount, the meal was still very expensive…..Next time, I’d rather stick with Jesse!


South Beauty 881 俏江南881会所

881 Yan’an Zhong Lu, near Tongren Lu (opposite Shanghai Exhibition Center)
延安中路881号, 近同仁路

Tel: 6247 5878


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