Le Crocodile – Vancouver

Back when I was in Vancouver in April, we pre-celebrated our parents’ 30th anniversary at Le Crocodile.  It’s my favourite French restaurant in town and I love their lobster bisque and crab cakes!  Normally, we usually have dinner there, but since my brother and I were treating, we could only afford to go for lunch. At night, Le Crocodile is one of the most expensive places for dinner but at lunch, the price is a steal! On average, an appetizer is under $10 while an entrée is under $20!

amuse bouche…. I forgot what tart this was, but it was served warm and the tart was flaky.

Escargot baked with Garlic Butter, served in Edible Pastry Shells…. wasn’t garlic-y enough….

Lobster Bisque, scented with Cognac & topped with Crème Fraiche….

‘le Crocodile Classic’ Tomato & Gin Soup….

Dungeness Crab Cake with Basil Aioli…… one of mom’s newest recipe is crab cake and I gotta say her version champs Le Crocodile’s cause she uses more crab meat!

Duck Confit with a Citrus Jus…… This is a huge portion with 2 duck legs.. usually restaurants only serve 1 leg! Unfortunately, the citrus sauce didn’t go so well with the duck.

grilled seafood pasta of the day….

Crab Ravioli with an Alfredo Cream Sauce, Smoked Salmon Julienne and Parmesan Gratinée…….

Fettuccine Pasta served with Sautéed Lobster Meat….

signature fries.. love them! like hickory sticks minus the MSG/salt overload!

After the meal, there was a sorbet palate cleanser and we were too stuffed to finish the chocolate crocodiles, let alone order dessert!


Le Crocodile

909 Burrard Street  Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N2
(604) 669-4298


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