Xi Yan Sweets 囍宴 甜 – Hong Kong

It was another friend’s birthday and she picked her favourite restaurant, Xi Yan, for dinner.

Previously, I’ve been to the Elements and the Wanchai branches, but this one specializes in dessert!

greenhouse tomato is wasabi sesame sauce… my fav!!! love the sauce!

dried scallop and choi sum salad with Chinese dressing… love the texture and the refreshing taste..

shrimp and crab relish on baguette….

non-spicy dan dan noodles… even though this dish was sauce-less, it was still very flavourful

crispy stuffed duck with glutinous rice… this wasn’t as good as before because the duck was really tough..

Zhenjiang spareribs.. tender and full of flavour

green tea and black sesame glutinous rice dumplings… couldn’t taste the green tea flavour…

caramel glutinous rice with banana ice-cream.. interesting combination

apple crisp with milk ice-cream…. this is sort of like apple crumble but the crumbles were too hard!

I really do like Xi Yan but the food is really overpriced…the meal came to $270 per person!


Xi Yan Sweets 囍宴 甜

Shop 1, G/F, 8 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai

Tel: 2833 6299


4 responses to “Xi Yan Sweets 囍宴 甜 – Hong Kong

  1. Hi there, I’ve linked to your blog on my review of this place. 🙂


    (this link is the updated one!)

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