Xiao Nan Guo 小南國 – Hong Kong

Last year, my orthodontics tutor treated my clinical group to dinner at Hong Kong University Alumni Association and this year, he treated us to Xiao Nan Guo!  The only time I’ve been to Xiao Nan Guo was in Shanghai, back in 2004, and I remembered it being foodilicious!

We had the set menu:

There’s a lot of food!!

kao fu… my favourite Shanghainese appetizer! This was flavourful and chewy!

chilled cucumbers with garlic… so refreshing!

drunken chicken…nom nom! the chicken was tender and had a strong rice wine flavour!

dates stuffed with glutinous rice… this version has white fungus and was soupy… Loved it!

salad.. this was my first time having salad at a Chinese restaurant so I was kind of iffy about it.. but it turned out to be delicious! I loved the salad dressing.. it had some Asian tasting flavour to it!

spareribs…very tender!

Stir-fried freshwater shrimp… fresh and sweet tasting

Braised pork belly… the pork was flavourful and succulent.. with the perfect ratio between fat and meat!

crispy duck…unfortunately, the duck was a bit dry.. but the chips were crispy and not too oily..

fried fish with sweet and sour sauce.. crispy yet tender at the same time!

xie fen dou fu…crab meat/roe with tofu…another one of my favs! This version’s served on a hot plate!!!

braised vegetables

Shanghainese Wonton soup with chicken and cured ham..  the soup was so flavourful!!

xiao long baos!! This version has as much soup as Din Tai Fung but the skin isn’t as thin… but it’s still very good!

birthday buns


Shanghainese dessert.. love the deep fried sesame balls and the lycee- flavoured pudding!

Thank you Dr. Lee for treating us to another delicious dinner!!


Xiao Nan Guo 小南國

3/F., Man Yee Bldg, 60-68 Des Voeux Rd Central, Central

Tel: 2259 9393


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