Shanghai Fraternity Association 上海總會 – Hong Kong

It was my friend’s birthday and she organized a dinner at the member’s only restaurant, Shanghai Fraternity Association.

smoked egg.. one of my favourite appetizers! Unfortunately, this time the eggs didn’t taste smokey enough…. but the yoke was runny!

honey-glazed fried eels… so crispy!

ma lan tou

braised fish lips… this was my first time eating fish lips and surprisingly, this was delicious! It tastes and looks likes fish maw.

jelly fish

braised vegetables

xiao long bao… lot of soup but the skin is a tad thick

vegetable dumplings

Shanghainese pancake with date filling…. I usually have the one with red-bean filling but this was just as good! It was warm, crispy and not too sweet.

Glutinous rice dumplings in sweet rice wine..not too sweet and I could taste the osmanthus! yumm!


Shanghai Fraternity Association 上海總會
1-3/F, South China Building, 1 Wyndham Street, Central
tEL: 2524 9246

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