Linguini Fini – Hong Kong

I’ve been wanting to try Linguini Fini, the New-York style casual Italian bistro, even though I’ve heard mixed reviews.

We got there before 7pm and the place was already packed!

the bread comes in a cool tin-container…

On top of Spaghetti (meatball, cheese, garlic bread)…you can’t really see the meatball but it was gigantic!

salt cured egg linguni fini… their signature dish: spaghetti infused with flavour… this pasta was bland and I couldn’t taste the salt cured egg!


Linguini Fini

The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Tel: 2857 1333


3 responses to “Linguini Fini – Hong Kong

  1. this is definitely one of my faves!! next time you go you must try their white gold bars and homemade spicy pork sausages! delish!!! mmm makes me hungry just thinking about it!

  2. So what was your verdict on the spag with meatball? I like their linguini alioli…

  3. From what I remember, the melted cheese and meatball were pretty good..

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