Hungry Korean – Hong Kong

Mmmm… my latest foodie obsession is the Korean fast food joint called HUNGRY KOREAN! I love the name.. but not the long lineups….

You order the food at the counter and then you’re taken to a seat.

The appetizers (banchan) cost $12 for 3 (or $6 for 1).. there’s fish cake, kimchi and potato salad…

Beef Bibimbap ($38)… for the price, there’s lots of beef and other toppings!

dukbokki  ($28)..  really spicy!

gimbap ($28)… choice between pork, beef and squid..

japchae ($28)..not too oily…

sweet chicken Chul Pan Gu E ($49)… the chicken was tender and the sweet sauce was perfect to mix the rice with….

I love love love Hungry Korean! It’s delicious and wallet-friendly!


Hungry Korean

G/F, Astoria Building, 24-38 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


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