Secret Garden Tea Company – Vancouver

As you may have read from the previous post, back in July 2011, my friend and I were supposed to have afternoon tea at Faubourg.   It turned out that Faubourg was already closing (a lot of earlier than normal!) so we ended up going to Secret Garden.

Instead of ordering the high tea ($26.95 per person) which I normally do, I ordered the demi high tea ($12.95 per person), a sampling of the high tea.

2 miniature sandwiches and a miniature scone with raspberry jam and Devon cream..

2 miniature sweets

I like the menu at Secret Garden because it offers the traditional 3-tiered tea and also 3 different kinds of sampling teas.  The sampling tea portion is perfect and it’s cheaper!  The food at Secret Garden is average but the ambiance is better than the hotels because the decor is that of a British cottage!


Secret Garden Tea Company 

5559 West Boulevard
Vancouver, BC
(604) 261-3070


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