Namdaemoon One Korean Restaurant – Hong Kong

My foodie aunt took me to dinner at Korean Street (Kimberely Street). Even though I’m crazy for everything Korean, I didn’t know there was an entire street with Korean restaurants, supermarkets and deli!  Namdaemoon is a tiny restaurant with less than 10 tables so we had to wait a while. After 25 minutes, the staff said that the next available table is ours.  BUT another staff gave the table to a party of 2, who was already eating (in a table shared with another customer), but wanted to have their own table. We were hungry, tired and cold and now beyond pissed off.

As usual, I had to eat bimbibap and seafood pancake.

But this time, I also tried the bean paste stew (daenjang chigae).  It was perfect for a cold winter night!

Despite the horrible service, the food was pretty delicious.


Namdaemoon One Korean Restaurant

10 Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: 2723 2028


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