Bang Bang Pan Pan – Hong Kong

Bang Bang Pan Pan is a Do-It-Yourself okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) restaurant. I’ve been wanting to try it out for the past 2 years but ended up eating elsewhere every time.

We ordered the $88  build-your-own-okonomiyaki which included 6 toppings credits (each topping is worth a different number of credits).

We had to mix our batter and pan-fry the okonomiyaki ourselves.

I’m not much of a cook so the staff had to come help.. or else we’ll end up eating a raw, burned okonomiyaki.

We added mayo, terriyaki sauce and dried onion flakes.. yumm!

My friend cooked the okonomiyaki himself and burnt it! Bang Bang Pan Pan is a pretty fun place to have dinner.  We get to mess around and don’t have to clean up the mess on the grill plate!


Bang Bang Pan Pan

G/F, Star Light House, 34 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

2203 4009


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