A Day in Tai O – Hong Kong

Wow!  My last blog post was more than 2 months.. my longest hiatus yet!  School’s been really busy this year, I went back to Vancouver for Christmas and I just finished my exam.. so now I have time to blog before things get busy again.

Back in October, I traveled to Tai O, a fishing village in Lantau island.

Tai O is Hong Kong’s own little “Venice”… although it’s far from the grandeur of its European counterpart, Tai O is still picturesque.  It’s one of the only places in Hong Kong with stilt-houses.

There’s not really much to see in Tai-O except for the stilt-houses and a couple of temples so I spent most of the time eating!

Our first stop was to visit the man who makes stuffed mochi (茶果).

This is 茶果, the warm type of mochi.  I haven’t seen a mochi with that much stuffing inside!

This one’s the regular mochi (eaten cold). Once again, there’s so much filling and the mochi skin’s really soft and thin.  The mochi’s so good we bought 6 more to eat later!

Our next stop was lunch at Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant (橫水渡小廚 ).

deep fried cutterfish and shrimp cakes

steamed shrimps with garlic and vermicelli

steamed seafood in pumpkin

steamed rice with dried shrimps and lotus leaves in bamboo steamer ..

After lunch, we tried to find the man who makes  the famous Tai O egg balls (雞蛋仔).

We found the egg-ball man and managed to buy the 2nd last one! It was only 2 pm and he said that he’s done for the day!

These egg balls are special cause it’s cooked with charcoal and you can taste the difference! The skin’s crispy and the inside is soft and moist! yumm!

Our last food stop is for tofu pudding which turned out to be a disappointment because the pudding wasn’t smooth nor was it hot enough.

Before we left, mom bought some dried seafood because Tai O is famous for it!


106 Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O

Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant (橫水渡小廚)

33 Kat Hing St, Tai O, Lantau Island, Tai O

Egg Balls


Tofu Pudding 車站豆腐花 




2 responses to “A Day in Tai O – Hong Kong

  1. mmm egg waffle balls!

  2. Thanks for the new and enjoyable postings. i truly missed reading your reviews.
    If you didn’t put a caption under the egg-ball man picture, I would have thought you took a picture of a painter mixing paint at a workshop. Wow, what an interesting business setup.

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