Guu Garden – Vancouver

My friend and I met up in Yaletown and the plan was to have dinner at either Society or Provence.. but then I remembered that I have yet to visit Guu Garden.

Unlike the other Guus,  Garden is quiet….there’s no shouting!

my favourite! kabocha korokke (boiled egg inside a deep friend pumpkin ball, dressed with aurora sauce)

Guu Garden’s specialty is oden, a classic Japanese dish that boils a selection of ingredients in broth.  left: miniature taro with miso-oden; right: tofu with dashi-broth based oden

deep-fried chicken with garlic mayo

horse tataki…  my first time trying horse and it doesn’t taste gamey at all!

beef tongue steak on rice topped with green onion, dried seaweed, wasabi and served with kanto daki soup….


Guu Garden

888 Nelson St., M101
Vancouver, BC V6Z2H2

Tel: (604) 899-0855


2 responses to “Guu Garden – Vancouver

  1. Been to Guu Garlic, but not Garden. I’m surprised that they serve horse meat!

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