McDonald’s – Hong Kong

I’m gonna take a slight break from blogging about my summer eating adventures cause this week, I ate at a bunch of new places!

I don’t like McDonald’s cause it’s so unhealthy, but I admit.. I sometimes do crave for their fries. It’s never my first choice of a meal except this week, I’ve willingly chosen to have 3 lunches there! On Monday, my friends were ecstatic that the Shogun Burger is back cause it’s their favourite burger so we had McDonald’s for lunch.

The Shogun is a burger with pork patty drizzled with teriyaki sauce, topped with lettuce and egg and served in a sesame seed bun.  The teriyaki sauce is sooo good and also has a bit of mayo. Yumm! I also had this burger for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday!

No worries, I’m sick of the burger now so I shouldn’t be going back to McDonald’s anytime soon!

Try the Shogun burger asap cause it’s a limited-time offer!



look for any golden arches in Hong Kong


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